Originally from Poland, Suchy is a former professional table tennis player who’s competed in Poland, Germany, Czech Republic and the US, where he is currently ranked in the top 10. As a regular Players’ Night competitor and entertainer at SPiN New York, you can find him most Friday nights dominating opponents with his fierce backhand while dazzling the crowd with his signature behind the back shot.

When and why did you start playing ping pong?

I grew up in a small town. There was nothing to do but play ping pong so I had no other options. But more importantly, it is all because of my dad who was a good table tennis player. He was the one who brought my brother and me to our small local club with 3 tables and taught us the table tennis basics. I was doing the basics but I was too young to understand why until I started winning local competitions and beating my older brother!

What has ping pong taught you the most?

Discipline, punctuality, hard work, sacrifice, dealing with success and failure, teamwork, setting and striving for goals and the value of practice and preparation. Oh, and how to live a happy life with just ping pong.

Where do you see ping pong going?

While it’s the biggest sport in the world, it’s not as popular in USA, but I am giving it 15-20 years and it will become something much bigger, with more clubs, more members, more enthusiasts, more players, more SPiN’s, and future Olympic medalists (hopefully).

What do you love most about ping pong?

My full time job is coaching, which in itself gives me so much joy. I get to meet amazing people from all walks of life and age groups – in fact, my youngest student is 5 years old while the oldest is 95. It is never too late to learn something new. It’s never too late to become a ping pong addict.