Date: Sun October 8, 2017

Paint Brunch invites you to break away from your typical brunching habits.  Guests spend two hours creating a one-of-a-kind painting, laughing with friends, enjoying some delicious beverages and food, and playing a round of ping pong.

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Paint Brunch is a global community of Creative Entrepreneurs and Local Artists sharing their passion, bar and restaurant owners connecting with their community, and creative-minded employees who love what they do.  Put down your phone and pick up a paintbrush. Socializing shouldn’t involve a screen. Instead, get your paint on while you connect face-to-face with your friends.  You don’t have to be artistic to get creative. Mix it up and mess it up. At Paint Brunch, fun is the only requirement.

Tickets Include:

  • 2 Hours of Painting
  • All the paint supplies you  will need
  • Instructor for the class
  • 30 minutes of ping pong after the painting session

Food and Beverage purchased separately.

Purchase Tickets Here